Welcome to a Singing Five Day Journey.

Embark on a journey to realising your singing goals.
For women and men of all ages and abilities.

50% off registration until May 2018

Physicalbody: posture, movement, energy, breath control. vocal: quality, intent, interpretation, production, power/softs & vocal care.

Mind – Mentally prepare for great singing with balanced emotions, focus, long term memory, mindfulness, calm, and incredible confidence.

Musicality – Deepen your ability to vocally blend with harmonies of instruments and vocals. Produce fluidity of rhythms, part harmonies and theories to aid vocal proficiency.

Voice Care – Minimise sore, hoarse or a lost voice by implementing proper techniques into your practice to benefit your singing for many years.

Diversity – Create a unique singing style that suits your abilities, personality and life experiences. Also blend beautifully in the choir while maintaining your tonal uniqueness.

Daily Practice – yoga, meditation and mindfulness are taught to prepare your body, mind and increase energy for optimal performance. Hatha Yoga classed created by Cilica, a Yoga Therapist, RYTP.

An Incredible Opportunity for Singers to Work with Cilica

St. John’s, CA ~ July 2-6
Early Special 2018 $1,777
Regular $3,777

Windsor, UK ~ 20-24 Aug
Early Special 2018 £1,177
Regular £2,377

Toronto, ON – July 8-12
Early Bird $3,277
Regular $3,777

Cardiff, Wales – 19-23 August
Early Bird £1,977
Regular £2,377

Open to 20 Participants
Lunch and refreshments included

Discount for 2018 until May in Canada & June in UK

  • A strong desire to improve your singing
  • You can sing in tune for two minutes +
  • Experience/Practice singing for one year – singing on your own, in a group, choir.

Unique, comprehensive singing intensive to address:

  • Intensive taught by a professional intuitive vocal technician who is an expert in singing production getting phenomenal results for 35+ years.
  • Intensive addresses the whole person to increase singer’s abilities and style in the areas of voice production, performance, physical strengthening, emotional balance & mindset to succeed and more.
  • Strengthen vocal foundation techniques to expand your ability to sing more challenging songs with confidence in your genre and unique style.
  • Quickly fill in the gaps of your knowledge by increasing music competency; pitch, rhythms, musicality, quality and colour of your full range
  • Practice techniques specific to you – applicable for soloists, groups, and choirs to become at ease with your performance, whatever level you are.
  • Only 20 participants who receive personal feedback
  • Includes holistic self-awareness and self-care for excellence with a yoga sequence that provides yoga therapy, meditation & mindfulness taught by Cilica a qualified yoga therapist.
  • Tailored step by step practice instructions for you to continue to improve your singing throughout the year.
  • Accreditation of 48 CPD hours when you complete the online exam within two weeks of completing the intensive.
  • Priority booking to one-to-one sessions with a 15% discount on 3, 6 & 12-month voice lessons

Professional Solo Singers – you want longevity in your singing as a professional with sharp ears and the practice of proper techniques.

Amateur Solo Singers – learn professional methods and techniques to sing with ease and comfort, remain on pitch and continually improving

University & College Music/Voice Students – learn from a professional who brings out your best to keep your notes secure and solid, enhancing your performances and grades.

Choir Singers & Small Groups – rise to your group’s potential with techniques of synchronised breathing and phrasing, with the quality dynamics and harmonising of each voice. Shine as a group who sings as one and supports the soloist with great harmonies.

Band & Back-up Singers – supporting each other is so important when coming together – with breath control and improves synchronising you ground your group for a solid performance.

Voice Coaches and Music Teachers* – learn new techniques, move out of your comfort zone and for a week take care of your voice, often neglected when teaching. *Please see Note for more information.

Special Needs – The intensive is open to those with Special Needs – hearing and visually impaired, as well as other challenges. Please contact Cilica before registering to make sure we can meet your needs.

  • Excellent self-awareness of your voice production to know how and when to make corrections to your singing.
  • Tangible insights into safe vocal practices and open approaches to singing production that has increased your physical and psychological effects to sing
  • A solid musical foundation that has filled in the gaps in your techniques to enable the singing of more challenging songs with confidence.
  • More of a personal style to your singing you can perform with unstoppable confidence in your abilities.
  • A personalised ‘practice routine’ for your optimal vocal needs. Especially crucial for teachers and coaches as you often are second to your students.
  • Ease to your performing whatever level you are – have ownership of your space.
  • Come away with a personalised yoga programme of exercises, meditation and mindfulness. Be your best with excellent posture, movement, breathing, composure, focus and quick thinking for all types of singing, in all genre and styles.
  • A musical ear that remains on the pitch and blending consistency. Diminishing strong singers who may stand out instead of blend their voice in groups and choirs.
  • Emotional Balance to sustain your confidence abating anxiety or fear from the creep into your performances. Acceptance of all your abilities to generate beneficial singing mindset and habits.
  • Free yourself from negative influences to gain a consistently strong voice.
  • Prepared three or four songs, vocalises, and/or pieces to perform – all styles welcome.
  • Three copies of the sheet music for each piece/song
  • If not using the piano accompanist bring a recording of required music
  • Cup for tea/coffee, water container
  • Wear easy fitting clothing, wear socks or bare feet

What you don’t need . . .

  • to be a professional singer or want to be – novices welcome
  • to read music – it helps but is not essential
  • a degree in music or has sung for years – If you have both awesome


  • registration is open until the maximum participant’s number is registered, or the registering deadline arrives (usually a month before Intensive begins).

Recording or Video submission (Optional)

  • You are asked to submitt a recording of your speaking or video of presentation/performance when registering. Your recording is an indication of your abilities only, without judgement, it helps up to plan the curriculum to meet your needs. It does not need to be a professional recording. If you do not have one, that is fine.
  • Your submission is shared with NO ONE.


  • After registering, please make your payment within 2 hours to validate your participation in the Intensive. Registration without payment is not valid.

Participant Replacement

  • Cancellations less than 28 days before the Intensive you are given no refund unless you can find a replacement for your participation.
  • Once your replacement has registered and paid, you will receive a refund less the administration fee (stated above) within two wee


  • Refunds may be given up to 28 days before the start date – less administration fee of $100.


  • Cancellations less than 28 days before you may have a refund less the administration fee if you find a replacement, or if Cilica finds one. Once your replacement has registered and paid, you will receive a refund less the administration fee (stated above) within two weeks.

No-shows or missing part of the event

  • If you do not attend or miss part of the event, you will receive no refund or credit. Event participation is limited, and your space counts towards the minimum to run a successful event.

Cancellation by Cilica

  • The Confident Voice reserves the right to cancel a program at any time if the minimum number of participants is not reached.
  • If the Intensive is cancelled, you will receive a full refund or the option to attend an alternative event. Once you have committed to an alternative event the same refund policy as stated here is in effect.

Travell and Medical Insurance

  • We suggest getting insurance for your protection in the case of having to cancel last minute for unseen circumstances such as travell delays, illness or injury prior or at the Intensive.

General Note on Voice Techniques Taught – Voice skills taught are professional techniques with best practices for a healthy voice.

This intensive is not a one size fits all training by acknowledging your individuality as a singer and honour your courage to improve.

*Voice Coaches and Music Teachers: by attending the intensive agree to complete the exam at the end of the intensive. You will pass on what you learn to your students. the exam assures that you fully understanding of the techniques taught to teach them correctly.

You received certificate from The Confident Voice for your learning.

"She has a strange sense of humour makes you feel you can do anything you want." R, Butt

"An artist, Cilica is an artist when you look at all she can do and teaches." Jody Sphinx

"She can teach anything to anyone without making them feel bad for not knowing." Joan Mitchell

"I have been in a yoga class she was substituting and seen her adjust the posture of 50 people and still have time to teach a full class." Diana Kolonics

"There is an energy around Cilica you can feel when you pay attention." Alex the Russian