Cilica cordially invites you to attend
Accredited YOGA & VOICE Training & Workshops

Participation is limited to offer you more hands-on, personal approach to improving your knowledge which is a catalyst for excellent outcomes in all areas of your life.

Training Objective:

  • To offer training in a manner where you understand the subject matter in depth at your level of experience,
  • Direct implementation of techniques sufficiently practised that you have a personal and/or professional adaptation to further develop on your own, and/or for instructing,
  • To nurture personal growth and teaching skills of the principles and methods.

2019 Live Events in Canada and the UK.

Voice 2019

Sing with Confidence

Sing with Confidence
St. John’s, CA ~ July 1-5
Windsor, UK ~ 19-23 Aug

Communicate with Confidence

Communicate with Confidence
St. John’s, CA ~ July 15-19
Windsor, UK ~ 26-30 Aug

live events

Sing like a Bird
Langley, BC ~ Feb 9-10
Windsor, UK ~ 11-12 May

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy for a Confident Voice
Langley, CA ~ March 16-17
Windsor, UK ~ 8-9 June


Yoga 2019


Certification offered for Yoga Enthusiasts, Yoga Teachers & Healthcare Practitioners.
Women and men of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate.

Breathe into Life

Breathe into Life
Chilliwack, BC ~ Feb 16
Maple Ridge, BC ~ March 29

Dublin, UK ~ 28 September
Oxford, UK ~ 13 October

Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance for a Happier Life
Chilliwack, BC ~ Feb 17
St. John’s, NL ~ July 7

Brighton, UK ~ 26 October

Healing Energy

Embdrace the Power of Healing Energy
Port Moody, BC ~ Feb 2
St. John’s, NFLD ~ July 6

Reading, UK ~ 25 May
Brighton, UK ~ 27 October

Hands and Feet

Fabulous Hands & Feet
Vancouver, CA ~ April 8

Reading, UK ~ 26 May
Oxford, UK ~ 12 October
Aylesbury, UK ~ 10 November


Create a Personal Meditation
Port Moody, BC ~ Feb 1